Custom & OEM Microscopes

Meiji Techno also provides innovative companies with light microscopy solutions, whether they be specialized accessories for a niche market, or a customized optics platform for a new product. Contact the Sales Department at Meiji Techno America and tell us about your application. We can find an inexpensive solution for your product.

Low Power Stereo Microscopes

Companies like Gatan, Inc and Sutter Instruments incorporate some of our low-power stereo microscopes as either part of their product or as an value-added option.

Stereo microscopes in these instances are used to perform alignment of set-up or observation of processes during operation.

VRI-2 with ML7000
Metallurgical Optics

The VRI-2 Roller Bearing Stand
with Granite Base

This custom-built stand is designed to be rugged enough to handle very large specimens, and yet be flexible, smooth, and precise.

It can be motorized for accurate, repeatable movement, and can mount a wide range of optics.

On the stands pictured here, the vertical column measures 25.5" and the horizontal arm measures 12.5", but other dimensions can be specified.

VRI-2 with RZ Stereo Optics

EM on RZBD Stand

The EM Series stereos can be mounted on an RZBD stand, which provides Brightfield/Darkfield transmitted illumination. This setup uses the FK focusing holder with deeper throat depth (164.6mm) than the remainder of Meiji focus blocks which are 136.8mm. This coarse adjusting focus block can be mounted in either direction and holds any Meiji stereo microscope body onto a machine or for other special OEM applications. The 84.2mm diameter opening accepts all EM Series stereo bodies. It also allows our oblique viewing attachment to spin 360 degrees without coming into contact with the focusing holder.


Short Unimac with KBL Stand

This system features Short Unimac optics with our analog CCD camera CK3900N, wide surface stand model KBL and dual arm fiber optic light source model FT191. This setup allowed the customer an adjustable, fast and easy inspection station which accepts a wide range of specimen sizes.

Short Unimac with MU Stand

This system again features Short Unimac optics but with our USB2.0 CMOS digital video camera DK3000, wide surface stand model MU and annular fiber optic light source model FT191. This setup allowed the camera to tilt and the output to go directly to a laptop where the images were uploaded online.

Glendo Accu-Finish Grinder

Glendo Corporation, long known for quality cutting and power tools, uses our stereo zoom standalone for inspection or attached to their "Accu-Finish II" machines shown at left.

Compound Focus Block
with KBL Stand

This system features our model FU1000 Compound Focus Block with metallurgical objectives with epi-illumination via fiber optic light guide, wide surface stand model KBL and fiber optic light source. This pole stand allows rather tall objects' surface to be seen at very high power. The digital camera adapter on top of the trinocular tube allowed the customer to document their work using a Nikon Coolpix camera.

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