Microscopes for Dental Labs

One of the new dimensions in innovative dentistry is using stereo microscopes to perform tasks instead of using magnifiers or head worn optics. Nowadays, dental microscopes allow dentists and lab technicians to see more detail than ever before. However, this used to mean either a considerable investment in a good microscope or buying a cheaper model that falls apart and may have no support or parts available.

Quality instruments save the dental staff valuable time in working on crowns, bridges and partials and in treating problem areas. Saving time for the dental staff means a more efficient practice and increased profitability.


EM Series Stereo Microscopes

A good option for the dental lab are the turret stereo bodies, which have two objective pairs in a turret mount that allows the viewer to change from one magnification to another (e.g. from 10x to 30x) by rotating the turret. While not as flexible as a zoom stereo (EMZ) body, turret bodies are more economical.


Wide-surface stands have broad work surfaces that are particularly useful when working with large specimens.


Below is an EMT-1 with MA502 10x eyepieces mounted on a KBL stand, with the MA305 fluorescent illuminator. Note: The MA304 adapter is required to mount MA305 illuminators to the EMF-1, EMF-2, EMT-1, EMT-2, EMTR-1, and EMTR-2 bodies.



















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