Boom Mounted Optics

There are many applications for boom mounted optics. The most common is the ability to use a microscope mounted above a wide working surface like an assemblers or inspectors table. Shown below are just a few of hundreds of possible different combinations of boom mounted optics. Meiji Techno has a wide variety of optics choices, illumination, video cameras and boom stands including heavy duty boom arm and heavy duty swing arm stands, not shown here, allowing our users the flexibility required to get their most challenging imaging tasks done quickly and easily.

Z7100 with S4300 and FS focus block

This boom stand, S-4300, has a Model FS focus block allowing a fiber optic light guide and focusing lens on optical axis with the specimen.

The Z7100 head is perfect for constant tilted viewing applications.

EMZ-12TR with S4300 and FS focus block

EMZ-12 is one of a few models of stereo optics pods that has near vertical illumination via fiber optic light guide inserted into the top of the stereo body.

This setup excels at peering down holes, cracks, crevices, etc.

EMZ-8TR with FT191 and CC2100 Camera

This setup has a dual arm fiber optic illumination, a USB2 Digital Video Camera attached to the microscopes trinocular port.

This type of incident illumination allows maximum control of shadowing and illumination angle.

EMZ-8TR on S4300 with FT192 and CC2100 Camera

Annular fiber optics makes a ring of light, like a curtain, around the microscope objective aperture.

This setup is known for even illumination of relatively flat specimens.

UNIMAC direct to CC2100 Camera and annular ring light

Meiji Techno's zoom macroscope optics, UNIMAC, is also very easily boom mounted.

This setup has a smaller annular ring light attached at the optics aperture.

Unimac with CC2100 on FS Focus Block

UNIMAC can be configured as direct-to-camera as shown at left.

Meiji Techno's USB2 digital video cameras include a complete software package including multiple modes of video and still frame capture, along with extensive measurement, analytical and image processing features.

An optional software plugin and USB dongle adds high end features like z-axis image stacking and aspherical aberration correction to an already full-featured software package.

UNIMAC with erect image trinocular head and CC2100 Camera

The UNIMAC Series can accept a wide variety of components including monocular, binocular and trinocular erect image viewing heads.

150 watt fiber optic Epi-illumination, 30 watt Halogen Vertical Illuminator, a fluorescent ring light and a range of auxiliary lenses are some of the many accessories for UNIMAC Series Zoom Macroscopes.

Short UNIMAC on tilting focus block with annular ring light and FT190 Power Supply

The companion series Short UNIMAC, are direct-to-camera, short back focus zoom optics when only a camera connection and relatively low magnification is required.

Applications can include inspection, machine vision, documentation and forensics.

VM Series on S4100 with fiber optic epi-illumination and CC2100 Camera

The VM Series Video Microscopes are compound optics designed for direct-to-camera applications.

The flat sided body can be bolted onto any flat surface for special or OEM applications.

Infinity corrected metallurgical objectives from 4x to 100x are available.

The VM uses a fiber optic light guide from a 150 watt fiber optic light source to provide very powerful epi-illumination.

The VM can also have a 3 or 4 position nosepiece installed for even quicker objective changes.

Meiji Techno also has a wide variety of analog and digital video cameras exactly suited for your type of work and budget.

VM-035 with CC2100 Camera on S4100 Boom Stand
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